Mother’s Day A Special Weekends at Suruchi Lunch & Dinner. 4 Course Set Menu incredible price Euro 24 Only

Namaste  ? ? As we all know, one of the most important days in our daily routine is just around the corner!  Mothers day Since everyone would like to do something different and special to make his mother feel loved, we have taken the opportunity and prepared an awesome set menu to surprised your mother and you […]

VALENTINE’S Day 2018 Indian Meal at Suruchi

Treat your loved one at Suruchi Allow us to add a magical touch to your evening transforming it into a truly romantic and memorable one for you and your loved.  Our Head Chef has created a set menu full of delicious dishes The menu also includes sharing plates for you to enjoy with your Valentine, […]

WHY Indian food ? 5 Reasones Indian Food lovers you Must know this !!

WHY INDIAN FOOD  ? 5 Reasones !! ” Answer everybody always want to Know What is exactly in Indian food?   Is it always freshly served or do certain ingrediants come from the freezer?” Our easy answer would be that here at Suruchi we strive to serve only the best by using  only the freshest of […]

India’s Regional Cuisines and all at Suruchi must Read…

Although it is common for Indian restaurants to present dishes as part of a uniform, nationalized cuisine, in actuality, the food of India is as regionally specific and diverse as its population. These cuisines are heavily influenced by India’s history, conquerors, trade partners, and the religious and cultural practices of its populace. A little background […]

Suruchi Deliver All Over In Malta

Opening Times:  Monday: Closed – Tuesday: 17:30 – 23:30 Wednesday to Sunday: 11:30 – 14:30 and 17:30 – 23:30 deliveries time usually  60 mins or before ! also sometimes its depending of area and traffic busy Hrs !! Take Away and Deliveries  Welcome to takeaway and delivery information service Benefit from 10% off on takeaways Delivery Zones A Minimum […]

MTA- Malta Tourism Authority Quality Assured

Experience the delightful and authentic flavours of India and beyond at Suruchi in the heart of St. Julian’s. Suruchi was recently established and promises the Indian and Arabian food enthusiasts to indulge in the genuine dishes prepared by our traditional chefs having roots in both Indian and Arabian cuisines. Suruchi’s signature dishes together with the […]

Suruchi Owner

Interview With Owner of Suruchi Alan Kawsar Owner 2016 Check out interview with Suruchi Restaurant owner, Alan! Suruchi is an Indian middle eastern Restaurant situated in the heart of Saint Julian’s. Decorated with romantic and warm way by Alan in person, Suruchi invites you to come discover the Indian middle eastern universe through the atmosphere, […]

SURUCHI -Gourmet Magazine Malta 2015-

If Aladdin were to take Jasmine out on a date, he would pick one of those. Private but not isolated, they are perfect little pods for a more intimate Suruchi

– Indian, Middle Eastern restaurant gets award-Timesofmalta- 2015

Suruchi restaurant in St Julian’s was named one of the best restaurants in The Definitive(ly) Good Guide to Restaurants awards held recently. Owner and manager Alan Kawsar provides certified Halal Indian and Arabian cuisine using the finest, authentic ingredients sourced from abroad. Each dish is prepared by experienced chefs drawing on their native knowledge. The restaurant, […]

Timesofmalta 2017 -Delightful authentic flavours at Suruchi-

Recently launched in the heart of St Julian’s, Suruchi restaurant offers Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. Authentic flavours and dining experience have won Suruchi several awards, including Best Restaurant Award 2015/2017 and Trip Advisor’s Certification of Excellence 2016 and Quality assured by the Malta Tourism Authority. Owner and manager Alan Kawsar, from Bangladesh, provides the […]