Suruchi Owner

Interview With Owner of Suruchi Alan Kawsar Owner 2016

Check out interview with Suruchi Restaurant owner, Alan!

Suruchi is an Indian middle eastern Restaurant situated in the heart of Saint Julian’s. Decorated with romantic and warm way by Alan in person, Suruchi invites you to come discover the Indian middle eastern universe through the atmosphere, the decor and of course good food. So, lets your taste buds travel!
Q. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

A. My name is Alan Kawsar, I have been living in Malta for around 5 years. Before opening my restaurant, I used to work in various hotels, in the field of management. But, deep down, I always knew I wanted to have my own restaurant. Q. How did discover the world of restaurants and catering?

A. It’s a family history. My family has been involved in the business of restaurants and catering for a very long time. I inherited this passion from my very own father. However, when I arrived in Malta I didn’t really find good Indian middle eastern Restaurants that were to my liking. So, I thought it was the right time and the right place to makes my dream come true and open my own Indian middle eastern restaurant.

Q. Did you choose the name “Suruchi” yourself? What it means?
A. Yes, after much thought I choose the name “Suruchi”. The reason why I chose this name is particular because has a lot of positive meaning: light, happiness, and good taste/delight of food in language meaning.
Q. Why Indian middle eastern cuisine?
A. Because I love this cuisine. I am from Bangladesh, so I always ate authentic Indian food – with these amazing fusions of flavors, colours…
Q. What is your favourite dish of Suruchi’s menu?
A. I think the “Lamb Rogan Josh” is my favourite dish. It contain pieces of lamb meat cooked in a spicy thick sauce with yogurt. Generally medium or hot. A real treat!
Q. Do you have any big plans for the future?
A. Of course. I would like to open other 3 restaurants, with the name of Suruchi, but not the same type. It would be: “Suruchi Lounge”, “Suruchi Indian Arabian Cuisine” and “Suruchi fine dining/fine eating”. Three different restaurants to seduce a larger number of people in different ambiances.
Q. If you have the opportunity to work in another country where would you like to go?
A. I would like to go to Germany, France, Amsterdam, Brussels and Barcelona. I think the latter are good cities to have an Indian middle eastern Restaurant because I believe that the economy can grow on this type of markets.
Q. Do you often go to restaurants? Or do you prefer cooking yourself?
A. I prefer cooking myself, because “cooking and eating are my main hobbies”. But I also like to go to restaurants to try new things and enjoy different types of food. Q. What is your customer service philosophy? / Business philosophy?
A. I think hospitality is the most important. I like to satisfy people serving them in the best way and making them eat good food. I like to introduce myself to them and learn about them, their culinary culture, and the specialties of their country… Q. Would you like to add something/some information?
A. I would like to emphasize the high quality of our food and service. Thanks to

our chef’s experience and skill we can let you enjoy amazing dishes with fresh and healthy products. We assure you really good prices with best products.Our

B. goal is to change people’s mind about Indian middle eastern food and make you love Indian middle eastern food as much as we love it.